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Like Event

29.10.2019 / 18:13 Uhr

Hello Boys and Girls we startet a Vote event the best Voter Win Donate from 10000 Points :)

Language Changes

Ankündigung | 30.08.2019 / 20:43 Uhr

Little update you can now change the languages between German and English.
we have not translated everything yet the days come several translation updates.

with friendly greetings
Your Inside-Five Team.

Patch 1.2 Rise of Storm

Ankündigung | 26.07.2019 / 17:41 Uhr

Welcome to Patch 1.2, Rise of Storm!

In this patch, players can expect a new map (Forgotten Saintmorning).
In which the lvl area goes from 350 - 400.
There you will find a boss monster on 400 which would soon drop interesting items.
He has a spawn time of every 2 hours after his killing then...





Server Peak7

GM's online0

EXP Rate1000x

Drop Rate100x

Penya Rate250x